Did you know our News Feed is available?

Did you know Tport has a News Feed? Re-publish headline stories in RSS format on your site or your favorite newsreader.

The "On the Run" News Feed URL is:
http://www.theatreport.com/modules/ ... ?topicid=8

It provides the same detailed info as some feeds WE provide on our site, like the Houston Press:

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Profiles to return

We have a really great advanced Profile coming soon to the Port. We are just having a bit of trouble making it work 100% at the moment. But soon you will be able to upload photos, create albums, groups, manage your own blog and more.

We will announce when it is updated and hope you get a chance to login and play a bit with it.

(Profiles are not viewable by the public/non-members and permissions are set by you)

Some Local Film Resource Links

Hello, I just wanted to share a few web links related to film in the Houston Area, I thought some might be into it.

Houston Production Guide
Insteaad of printing...you can now get this online.
The thing is they claim to be saving trees but we all know its about saving money ;)
Still important itso facto guide.

Houston Film Commission
Im a real champion for the Houston film Commision and will occassionally cross post stuff from there (if I may). Every city should be more involved with their film commissions.

THis is a great local magazine that gets published/printed and found through various areas throughoput the city. Don't let the simple site mislead you. They have a great magazine they want you to pick up and read. Their Social media is very active - Check em out.

"C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine started as a thought and a desire to bring, to our
readers, fans and followers, the people who make up the television and motion picture
industry in the Houston Metroplex area and across the State of Texas"

Links to post issues and features


Not Really Houston but covers SOuthwest and indie produced. Purchase this at your favorite bookstore or even better subscribe.

Know of a cool Local FIlm resource? Please Share!
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Login News submission n more

Just a refresher here on what you will see when you login -
(aside from pimping out your profile lets just to cut to the business for now)

The Admin Panel
When you login look for this quick link panel on the home page...it Features several links to popular actions.

Submitting News

Submitting News is super easy.
Just click on Submit news, paste your release, attach or insert an image...and we will take care of the rest!
Here is wht the news submission form is like.....

newssubmit (click above for larger image)

Blogs for All!

If you dont want a column - and just want to ramble or cross post between your active blog site (minn 250 words before linking please)

EVERY SINGLE Member can have a blog. And YOU CHOOSE whether its PUBLIC (viewable to all whether logged in or not), Registered users only (viewable only if logged in) , Or Private (guess you cant make up your mind or haven't finished). Youc an also choose to enable comments or not.

There you go. Your Captive audience awaits...

Simply look for the "Add a New Post" link below the Port Blogs Link (only viable/editable when logged in)